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At Planet Bus Travel we try to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Greece is full of hotels, lodgings, boarding houses, campsites that can serve every need and every requirement. After many years of experience, we believe we can recommend you the best choice for your accommodation. We cooperate with hotel chains, large or small hotels, all over Greece. Choose your destination and let us introduce you and suggest all the alternatives that will meet your needs. Apart from Greece we are able to secure your stay anywhere abroad. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, traveling alone or with friends, we will offer you the best alternatives at best prices.


Sea Sun and You !!! The ultimate joy Sail to the Greek Islands. Explore the blue waters of the Aegean or the Turquoise waters of the Ionian islands. Choose your Yacht and live one memorable week.

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Do you want to travel to one of our islands? Are you anxious to search for price and availability routes? Contact us, tell your destination and pick up your tickets easily.

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Contact us to look for the best combination and the most economical price for any destination you want to travel. We work with all airlines to find the most advantageous flights.